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Re: Well I am in XFCE for right now since LDXE keeps crapping out

On Tuesday 22 April 2014 05:51:33 c. marlow wrote:
> Im so exhausted I just about give up on Linux, just about ready to
> scrape up the money, go to walmart and buy me a Windows Machine.. In
> the last week I have tried LMDE both made and cinnamon

It is, of course, your decision.  If you prefer to use Windows, taht is up to 
you.  But I think taht you would get further in Linux if you didn't jump 
about so much.  You never give any problem time to get solved, and you mix 
the different things up all the time.  Jumping from one solution/problem to 
another doesn't really get you anywhere.  (As you see. ;-)  )


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