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Sharing Files and Folders over LAN and accessing them from Windows PC

I searched couple of blogs and other sites and followed their instructions to install and configure Samba for Debian. The best I could do is to share files but they weren't copyable. So I want a procedure that would work. For that I'm describing here my wish lists:
  • I want to share files and folders from Debian that would be accessible from any Windows PC (cause I'm the only one using or trying to use Debian here) over LAN.
  • Files and folders should be accessible without any fuss; I mean user can access them without any username and password.
  • Uses should be able to copy the files and folders easily and without any password but they shouldn't have the power to delete them.
These are more or less what I want with sharing files and folders. Now how can I do that? Could anyone please describe the ways and provide the instructions and perhaps any working links?

With thanks,
Muntasim Ul Haque

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