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Re: Heartbleed


Dňa Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:17:28 -0500 John Hasler <jhasler@newsguy.com>

> > Take for example current controversies over services
> > like Amazon and Google and the "filter bubble":  Do you consider it
> > harmful for them to tailor your experience to their estimate of
> > what you
> They are not given the opportunity to do so.  Participation in such
> systems is optional.  In this they differ fundamenally from government
> surveillance.

How many members of this list (for example) want to contribute to the
google knowledge? By the distributing this list to gmail addresses
too... I never provided any acknowledge to the google, to read my
emails, because i have no email account there, But they read my emails
which i send from non google accounts to google accounts. I can don't
respond/send to google, but need i leave this ML (and similar) too?

And world simulate, that this is OK, because it is a optional?!

> > Should the fact that I browsed over Marx' "Das Kapital" mean that
> > subsequent searches for Economics and Social Philosophy will bury
> > "Socialism" by von Mises so deep I won't see it?  Some think it
> > nifty while it scares the hell out of others.
> Some can participate.  Others can choose not to.  No one is required
> to have a Google account.  Your browser won't pass cookies and webbugs
> around if you tell it not to.

See the note above...



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