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Re: Heartbleed

On Thursday 17 April 2014 09:18:14 Slavko wrote:
> Sure, you are right. I am aware about own secrets. I am active
> (beside other things) in the improving knowledge about
> inadvisability of the Internet. And most of people around me
> responds, that they havo no things to hide. I have theory why they
> tell this, but it is out of this ML.
> My note was constatation about this phenomenon today's world, not
> about my point of view...

I agree with you.  We all have something to hide that we don't want 
others to know about us, but that is almost beside the point.  I 
simply don't want the world and his uncle knowing every last little 
thing about me.

Part of the problem with emails is the fact that nuances are far 
harder to convey in writing than in face to face speech.  Add on the 
fact that, as George Bernard Shaw observed, even the USA and Britain 
are divided by a common language, then also add the fact that this 
list covers far more of the world than just Britain and the USA, and 
you have a right stew of potential misunderstandings.


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