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Re: Heartbleed

> Take for example current controversies over services
> like Amazon and Google and the "filter bubble":  Do you consider it
> harmful for them to tailor your experience to their estimate of what you

They are not given the opportunity to do so.  Participation in such
systems is optional.  In this they differ fundamenally from government

> Should the fact that I browsed over Marx' "Das Kapital" mean that
> subsequent searches for Economics and Social Philosophy will bury
> "Socialism" by von Mises so deep I won't see it?  Some think it nifty
> while it scares the hell out of others.

Some can participate.  Others can choose not to.  No one is required to
have a Google account.  Your browser won't pass cookies and webbugs
around if you tell it not to.
John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA

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