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Re: Heartbleed


Dňa Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:18:06 -0400 Brad Alexander <storm16@gmail.com>

> > I am talking about encryption and the F/OSS in general and i have my
> > privacy in the mind. Here exists a lot of people int today world,
> > which tell, that they have nothing to hide.
> *Everybody* has something to hide. Everyone. Don't believe me? Offer
> to put a public webcam in their bathroom. :D
> The problem is that the people that are wanting to know every single
> thing about everyone are the same ones that are making the rules as
> to whether or not you have anything to hide.

Sure, you are right. I am aware about own secrets. I am active (beside
other things) in the improving knowledge about inadvisability of the
Internet. And most of people around me responds, that they havo no
things to hide. I have theory why they tell this, but it is out of this

My note was constatation about this phenomenon today's world, not about
my point of view...



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