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Re: Heartbleed

Lisi writes:
> I simply don't want the world and his uncle knowing every last little
> thing about me.

I agree, but you have to realize that for most of us the world and his
uncle are not interested in every little thing about us so it requires
little effort to keep them from learning it.  I think that's what most
people who say "I have no secrets" really mean, though they haven't
thought it through that way.  I don't want a Webcam in my bathroom but
I'm also quite confident that no one is about to attempt to put one
there.  The door and the lack of outside windows suffices to secure the

I do not approve of the spying activities of governments and I despise
the criminals who seek to do things like identity theft, but when
planning practical security measures you have to consider the threat
model and the value of the data being protected.

Also consider that those who really do have serious secrets are not
likely to brag about it.
John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA

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