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Re: debian install wireless fails on laptop with Ralink RT3290 wireless, what to do?

Le 14/04/2014 06:26, Britton Kerin a écrit :
> The installer correctly detects a Ralink RT3290 and seems to think its
> going to be
> able to work with it, but then it always fails (I think at the DHCP
> stage) to actually
> manage to connect to the network.
> Has anyone else encountered this issue?  Workarounds?
> As usually everyone assumes it would work on Ubuntu and as usual I'd rather not
> go there.
> What I'm hoping to do is install a gnome system from CD image, then follow these
> instructions:
>   https://wiki.debian.org/rt3290
> Is this probably workable?  Is it the best way?  If there was some way to get
> wireless working at the point in the installation where the installer
> tries to set
> it up that seem like it would be best, but maybe it isn't required then if you
> have one of the big (non-netinst) CDs?

Debian Wheezy kernel (3.2) is tool old to manage RT3290, I think that a
3.8 kernel is a minimum.
There is no backports CD/DVD, so if you want to install Debian via
wireless, you probably have to install Debian Testing (Jessie) or
Unstable (Sid).
You will have to either have a spare Ralink firmware to use during
installation (expert install will ask you for one, normal installation:
I don't know), or use a unofficial Jessie CD/DVD with firmwares:

I have a HP Pavilion dm1 with a RT3290 chipset: I have installed Debian
Stable via ethernet, then installed kernel + firmwares from backports.

Also the bluetooth part of the RT3290 chipset is not functionnal in Linux.

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