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debian install wireless fails on laptop with Ralink RT3290 wireless, what to do?

The installer correctly detects a Ralink RT3290 and seems to think its
going to be
able to work with it, but then it always fails (I think at the DHCP
stage) to actually
manage to connect to the network.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?  Workarounds?

As usually everyone assumes it would work on Ubuntu and as usual I'd rather not
go there.

What I'm hoping to do is install a gnome system from CD image, then follow these


Is this probably workable?  Is it the best way?  If there was some way to get
wireless working at the point in the installation where the installer
tries to set
it up that seem like it would be best, but maybe it isn't required then if you
have one of the big (non-netinst) CDs?


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