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Re: debian install wireless fails on laptop with Ralink RT3290 wireless, what to do?

On Monday 14 April 2014 10:30:25 didier gaumet wrote:
> I have a HP Pavilion dm1 with a RT3290 chipset: I have installed
> Debian Stable via ethernet, then installed kernel + firmwares from
> backports.

This is what I usually do.  And if even the ethernet card isn't 
recognised I temporarily install an old ethernet card, get 
Wheezy/$VERSION (I have been doing this for some time!) installed (I 
use the net-install CD) and then sort out the drivers.

When I can, I use an installer with non-free firmware.  But it can be 
tricky to find one!  I believe there is a Wheezy one at the moment, 
but don't know where on the Debian site it is hiding.

I'm a great believer in free software, but quite fancy keeping my nose 
attached to my face. ;-)


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