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Re: UPDATE: goodbye-microsoft.com Test Install

Mark Allums writes:
> If you get root on it, you can use it like any *nix machine.  Getting
> root is the hard part.  I will not assist in this, because it is now
> illegal to root tablets in the US that were not already pwned before Jan
> 1, 2013.

Richard Owlett writes:
> Can you support that broad a statement.  The unit I purchased not only
> did not have a sim card but explicitly did not have the capability to
> have one added later. [i.e. I explicitly do not have any carrier
> imposed contractual restrictions.

On some devices it is necessary to break the DRM on some of the boot
code in order to install unauthorized firmware.  Doing so could be a
violation of the anti-circumvention part of the DMCA.  If you can get
root and/or rewrite the firmware without decrypting anything, though,
you are legal.  You are also legal if there is no DRM or if you have the
manufacturer's permission.

I also suspect that, were someone to take this to federal court, the
DMCA would be ruled not to apply here.
John Hasler

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