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UPDATE: goodbye-microsoft.com Test Install

Okay, just completed a base install of Debian from within Windows 2000
Pro running in Virtualbox.  Host system: Athlon 64 X2 dual-core, 8GB
RAM, Wheezy 64-bit.  Virtual system: 12GB virtual HD, partitioned with
3GB for W2k; 192MB RAM. (The same config as my Thinkpad 240X.)

After clicking on the "install" link on the goodbye-microsoft.com web
site, win32-loader, initrd, and some grub related files are downloaded
and stored in a folder on Windows' C:.  Running win32-loader (from the
Windows Desktop) sets up the system to install Debian.  A reboot and
choosing "continue install" is required.  (The other option is to boot
Windows normally.) After the reboot, the standard Debian installer runs,
and installs Debian as if you had booted off a conventional install CD.
Tools are included to resize C: and partition the hard drive to
allow room for the new installation.

Note that the Debian installer detected the 64-bit CPU of the VM, and
installed 64-bit Wheezy even though W2k was 32-bit.  It also installed
the Virtualbox Guest Additions, and all related files (gcc, headers,
etc.) to support dkms.  The base install (commandline only) when running
used about 56MB RAM.

All things considered, everything went quite smoothly.


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