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RE: UPDATE: goodbye-microsoft.com Test Install

> From: Richard Owlett 
> Carl Fink wrote:
> > On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 11:04:20PM -0700, Patrick Bartek wrote:
> >
> >> All things considered, everything went quite smoothly.
> >
> > Cool. Now if only there was an equivalent "goodbye-android.com" for my
> > tablet ...
> >
> AGREED. I bought an Android Tablet {Lenovo A2107A-F}
> thinking I was getting something with Linux like useability.
> Error ;<

If you get root on it, you can use it like any *nix machine.  Getting root is the hard part.  I will not assist in this, because it is now illegal to root tablets in the US that were not already pwned before Jan 1, 2013.  For non US residents, there are instructions to be Googled for.  A popular package to install on tablets is Clockwork Mod, or CM.

> I thought I saw a reference that someone was working on a
> Debian for it. Can't find reference at the moment. Will have
> to Google again.

There are ways to get Ubuntu on some tablets, like the Nexus 7.  A Debian port would not surprise me. 

I installed Debian on a Windows machine recently using goodbye-Microsoft.  It is out-of-date, but it works.  It will allow you to partition the HD and dual-boot Debian and Windows.  Win 8 even works, but you have to run goodbye-Microsoft in Win 7 compatibility mode.  

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