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Re: UPDATE: goodbye-microsoft.com Test Install

Mark Allums wrote:
From: Richard Owlett
Carl Fink wrote:
On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 11:04:20PM -0700, Patrick Bartek wrote:

All things considered, everything went quite smoothly.

Cool. Now if only there was an equivalent "goodbye-android.com" for my
tablet ...

AGREED. I bought an Android Tablet {Lenovo A2107A-F}
thinking I was getting something with Linux like useability.
Error ;<

If you get root on it, you can use it like any *nix machine.  Getting root is the hard part.  I will not assist in this, because it is now illegal to root tablets in the US that were not already pwned before Jan 1, 2013.

Can you support that broad a statement.
The unit I purchased not only did not have a sim card but explicitly did not have the capability to have one added later. [i.e. I explicitly do not have any carrier imposed contractual restrictions. As to voiding a valueless warranty ... ]

For non US residents, there are instructions to be
Googled for. A popular package to install on tablets is Clockwork Mod, or CM.

I thought I saw a reference that someone was working on a
Debian for it. Can't find reference at the moment. Will have
to Google again.

There are ways to get Ubuntu on some tablets, like the Nexus 7.  A Debian port would not surprise me.

I installed Debian on a Windows machine recently using goodbye-Microsoft.  It is out-of-date, but it works.  It will allow you to partition the HD and dual-boot Debian and Windows.  Win 8 even works, but you have to run goodbye-Microsoft in Win 7 compatibility mode.

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