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Re: LILO documentation

On 04/20/2013 12:11 PM, Richard Owlett wrote:
Tony van der Hoff wrote:
On 20/04/13 16:19, Richard Owlett wrote:
Tony van der Hoff wrote:
On 20/04/13 15:50, Richard Owlett wrote:
Tony van der Hoff wrote:
On 20/04/13 15:12, Richard Owlett wrote:
I need complete documentation on LILO with emphasis on lilo.conf .
Assume I'm stranded on a desert isle (SW Missouri is a fair
approximation) with a computer and a set of install disks.
What *ONE* document will answer ALL my LILO questions.
Hint: man pages and mini-HOTO's don't hack it. They presume and
summarize too much.
{I'm installing using the 8 DVD set of Debian 6.0.5}

I don't know about "one" document, but there's the user documentation
and the technical (i.e. internal) docs at

One of places I had been :{

Care to explain why you don't like it/what you really want?

In my "three score and ten" I've learned to recognize when I am too
clueless to ask a reasonable question ;/

The immediate surface symptoms include almost no change to
/etc/lilo.conf having the expected effect.

I can't get the menu to display automatically - even if at the moment it
would have only one choice.
[It does display if I hit the space-bar when LILO appears on screen.]

I can't the text describing the one menu item I have.

I suspect the document I desire would spend a dozen pages describing
only lilo.conf.

I guess you've been here, too:


but the conf is
so simple that it's hard to get it wrong.

But I'm so talented ;/

From your problem description, it almost sounds as if you're failing to
run /sbin/lilo after making changes to the lilo.conf file to allow it to
"compile" the conf.

Discovered that error early.
I've played with delay= statement and that works as expected.

I resisted the migration to grub for many years, on the basis that lilo
was a much better hammer, being as simple as required to do the job.
However, I was eventually worn down, and bent to progress, so haven't
used lilo in a while :(

I found grub2 annoying in that it wanted the menu to appear its way not
I'd likely would have been happy with grub legacy as its configuration
was set in a single easily edited file. But what I've read seems to
indicate it is being declared dead/unsupported/abandoned/... .

In all that time, I never found the need to delve much deeper into the
config than what was available in the above page.

ISTR around the time that grub2 was introduced, one of our users, I 'THINK' his name was Stephen Powell, gave some good arguments for using
Lilo.  Again, ISTR, he put up a very good web page explaining how to use
& install it.

You might find the thread on the D-U archives or Google. Yep, a goohle search for Lilo 'Stephen Powell' has it as the first link.

Google IS your friend.


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