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Re: LILO documentation

Tony van der Hoff wrote:
On 20/04/13 15:50, Richard Owlett wrote:
Tony van der Hoff wrote:
On 20/04/13 15:12, Richard Owlett wrote:
I need complete documentation on LILO with emphasis on lilo.conf .
Assume I'm stranded on a desert isle (SW Missouri is a fair
approximation) with a computer and a set of install disks.
What *ONE* document will answer ALL my LILO questions.
Hint: man pages and mini-HOTO's don't hack it. They presume and
summarize too much.
{I'm installing using the 8 DVD set of Debian 6.0.5}

I don't know about "one" document, but there's the user documentation
and the technical (i.e. internal) docs at http://lilo.alioth.debian.org/

One of places I had been :{

Care to explain why you don't like it/what you really want?

In my "three score and ten" I've learned to recognize when I am too clueless to ask a reasonable question ;/

The immediate surface symptoms include almost no change to /etc/lilo.conf having the expected effect.

I can't get the menu to display automatically - even if at the moment it would have only one choice. [It does display if I hit the space-bar when LILO appears on screen.]

I can't the text describing the one menu item I have.

I suspect the document I desire would spend a dozen pages describing only lilo.conf.

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