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Re: what's your Debian uptime?

On 4/19/2013 8:59 AM, Jonathan Dowland wrote:

> I'll accept that you intended to use the phrase in the meaning you suggest,
> here, in the spirit of good faith, but I'm sure you are fully aware that
> the phrase is more widely known and used in a different way which is
> objectionable. It's therefore very reasonable to avoid using it. There
> are no shortage of inclusive ways of expressing your meaning.

When I spend the 2-5? minutes I'm able to dedicate to replying to a
technical email, thinking about the the technical part to hopefully make
sure it's correct, I'm not going to spend more than 20 seconds
brainstorming for the perfect politically correct analogy.  I attempted
to be neither crude nor PC, simply selecting something in common use
*here* and that most people would understand.  I think everyone but you
got that, even the ladies.  At least I'll assume they did as I saw no
negative responses.

> Nonsense. I believe that common sense and mutual respect are all that is
> necessary, including a willingness to recognise when one is incorrect.

You just accused me of having no "common sense" nor "mutual respect",
and not being able to admit I'm incorrect, where I am not.  And before
that you accused me of stating something I did not due to your PC bent
causing misinterpretation.

You may have opened a can of worms here Jonathan.  Since you decided to
make an issue out of a non issue, told me to admit fault when the fault
lie with you, then maybe I'll simply make an example of you.

>From now on I *will* use male genital analogies, using "phallus",
"phalli", and "phallic", the academically correct words for describing
the sociological phenomenon.  Then you can sit there and squirm in your
chair screaming loudly, as there is nothing you can do about it.  The
phallic reference is protected under PC doctrine--is actually at the
core of it--the whole white male dominated society, gender inequality,
etc.  I'll use your own poison against you.  And when you run to the
sociology and anthropology chairs, and PC committee chairperson there at
Newcastle, they'll tell you I'm absolutely correct in my use of the
terms, and moreover that each time I use them I'm bringing attention to
gender inequality in the computing field, which is great, etc.

Now, is this really what you want?  Before you answer, think carefully
about what you stated directly above, what you expect of others:

"willingness to recognise when one is incorrect"

If you can do what you expect from others here, we can kiss and make up
(oops, is that PC?) and put this nonsense behind us.  Otherwise there
may be a whole lot of phalli flopping around in my future posts, fully
protected by political correctness doctrine, academic standards, law in
most countries, more than likely by the vague Debian posting guidelines,


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