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Re: Unexpected results attempting to install Squeeze(6.0.5) to USB flash drive

Curt wrote:
On 2013-04-16, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:
CAUTION: My goal does *NOT* resemble a normal install

I want to do a full install to a USB flash drive (thumb
drive). I am not looking to run the installer ISO from the
flash drive. I do not want a "LIVE install" with or without

I just did an install to a usb flash drive in an interesting way.  Well,
interesting to me, at least. Didn't mess with grub or lilo or none of
that stuff.  Nothing to configure.  I used kvm (qemu).

I downloaded the installer to my home directory, plugged in my usb drive
(unmounted), then started the installer like so:

kvm -m 512 -hdb /dev/sdc -boot d -cdrom debian-wheezy-DI-rc1-amd64-netinst.iso

Worked liked a charm, to coin a phrase.  Apparently, there's no grub
dangers or perils because all the installer and grub can see is the
thumb drive and nothing else when run from inside the virtual machine
using the above technique.

I booted the installation up in kvm (with -m 1024) (I chose the LXDE
desktop); it's pretty damn snappy even when run inside the virtual
machine. Much snappier than the live isohybrid with LXDE I put on a usb
stick and ran in kvm in the same way.

Anyway.  Just another way of doing things.

I think we have different ideas of "full install to a USB flash drive" ;/ I want to wander from machine to machine carrying only the flash drive resulting in picking up my work where I left off. If I understand your description correctly, you are constrained to run only on the original piece of hardware.

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