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Re: Mozilla Firefox ESR for 64bit systems

On 04/04/2013 21:55, Charles Kroeger wrote:
On Mon, 01 Apr 2013 14:20:02 +0200
Andreas Glaeser<bugs.andreas.glaeser@freenet.de>  wrote:

it seems to be necessary to remove
iceweasel first, prior to using Firefox.
  # apt-get remove iceweasel


Now I have firefox ESR 17.0.5 OR iceweasel 10.0.12 one can take one's pick.

What am I looking for here, better HTML 5 (?) Will that do away with all those
video-not-available messages I see on youtube, or make things worse?

More options are generally welcomed.

Before anyone wants to make the suggestion to remove iceweasel after installing
firefox, apt-get remove (still) wants to install iceape etc. in iceweasel's place.
(after firefox is installed) Unless I want iceape and the iceape browser and
chatzilla installed, I have to keep iceweasel in place. Could this be a bug.

happy trails

Hi, not sure if I am catching this thread right in the middle, never saw the beginning of it so feel free to disregard my post if it is redundant. You can get Iceweasel 17 esr from http://mozilla.debian.net/ without a sweat, I run it on my amd64 testing systems right now. A bit of package-pinning may be necessary if you have a mixed "sources.list", but otherwise it as easy as following the Debian mozilla team's instructions.

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