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Re: Pioneer BDR-*206* Internal Blu-Ray Disc DVD/CD writer and Debian


> bash: xorriso: command not found

Install it by
  apt-get install xorriso

> There is a pop-up that appears ~2/3rd of the way through
> the burning process -- something to the effect that the disc
> cannot be mounted.

Whether it is the only culprit for your problems or not:
The attempt to mount a CD-R while it is being written has a high
likelihood to spoil that CD burn run.

The hazard depends on how far the kernel came with inspecting
the drive until it gave up on mounting.

Try the trick from xorriso README:
"If you cannot get rid of the automounter, try whether it helps to always load
 the drive tray manually before starting a write run of xorriso. Wait until the
 drive light is off and the mounted media appears.
 Then try to unmount the mounted media before a write run."

If this does not help, then we could need advise of experienced
Debian users how to disable automounting at least for the time
of searching for the problem cause.


Back to your problems with BD-R:
BD-R should be quite immune against drive groping. 

Looking at your PNG at
it could well be the known (and allegedly harmless) bug of growisofs
that happens _after_ the burn run is actually completed.

So it would be worth to try whether such a BD-R is flawlessly
readable after K3b aborted at the very end of the burn run.

If BD-R are not ok afterwards, then i could offer to inspect the
problem by xorriso experiments. (No growisofs involved, then.)


> Also, when Brasero is done, it displays a pop-up that it cannot
> eject the disc and I must do it manually.

This is supposed to be an old separate bug of brasero.
Google "brasero" "eject".
(There are also reports about failure to check-read the result.)

Have a nice day


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