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Re: OT: Boot loaders for Linux that can also boot FreeBSD

Le Ven 30 novembre 2012 13:09, Ralf Mardorf a écrit :
> On Fri, 2012-11-30 at 12:21 +0100, "Morel Bérenger" wrote:
>> This is so common that governments does not act like their people would
>>  like, when they are elected.
> In Germany they decide how much their employee's wages is and they also
> decide how much money they'll get each month for the rest of their live
> when they are voted out of office. The amount of money we pay, even when
> they are voted out of office is unbelievable high, while a worker from the
> folk has not enough money to eat when doing hard work > 8 hours a day. We
> are the riches country in Europe, but a lot of people are in need, many
> people can't pay medical care, child poverty comes close to the third
> world. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That Germany is such a
> rich country is because we have a few very rich people, the majority isn't
> rich and in some areas, e.g. the Ruhrgebiet nearly half of the people has
> not enough to eat, can not pay medical care. But especially the poor
> people from the area where I'm from, the Ruhrgebiet, empathise with
> children in Palestine, since we know how it is, if you don't have enough
> to eat. Btw. we quasi don't have neo-NAZIs among the Ruhrgebiet folks! We
> simply do violence to NAZIs and not chain of beacons against NAZIs or just
> talk about them in tearooms!

I do not know if situation in France is the same. But I do not think, we
still have an efficient social system.
I said still, because recent laws have cut many of this.

The usual tactics is to show an "inequality" (like the differences of time
when people can stop to work) and to "solve" it, remove the advantages of
"advantaged people". Of course, they do not say that those people have
harder work and/or less money at end of month.
Ah, also, they say: "look at <insert a country here>. Those guys do the
right thing, let's do the same, we need money!" the nice thing was when
sarkozy decided that he deserved a +160% augmentation. He did that when
people were in holidays, of course.
But people have voted for him, and he did a good job for a king. Divide to
While people do not understand that, United Europe will only means
regressions for everyone.

About hatred... I noticed that often, nationalists have higher scores in
deep campaigns, where there is less than 1% of colored skins, and which
perfectly speak (aka without any accent). The point is that in those
campaigns, people only know immigration through television. And those
televisions are often linked to people with power and interest in divided

Sometimes I think people deserves what happens. Our last elections were a
very nice joke, again. Our actual president claim to be a socialist (from
left side as we say here) unlike his predecessor, but he is doing the same
thing. But he did not lied, he had tell to people that he'll do...
I can't understand people. I guess this is why I prefer computers, they do
not lie :D

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