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Re: Boot loaders for Linux that can also boot FreeBSD

Le Ven 30 novembre 2012 11:21, Ralf Mardorf a écrit :
> On Fri, 2012-11-30 at 10:42 +0100, "Morel Bérenger" wrote:
>>> Any hints are welcome!
>> Look in the debian installation manual.
>> I am saying that because Debian is able to use a freeBSD kernel, so
>> there should be informations about how to install that flavor.
>> I can not help more, I never tried other multi-boot than Debian/wXP (c)
>>  and this works automatically.
> Isn't it strange that there's so much noise against Windows, but that
> it's that easy to have a multi-boot with Linux?
The noise is about the fact that this s***** operating system think he
have rights to say that he must be the only one to boot, and so you have
to install it before any other one, or to reinstall your boot loader in
the MBR every-time you reinstall Windows.
And it is a fact that at least winXP have to be reinstalled frequently to
stay fast, on a programmer computer at least. Ok, at least, on MY
computers, but I have heard that I am not the only one to face such


> PS: I have to explain this from my previous mail:
> "as I distance myself from the Palestine statement"
> It's missing that I do this for a statement from somebody else in
> another thread,
Yes, I had some fear to see another "outrageous xenophobia" title spawn,
but I was just not able to not joke on a so easy text :P
I can not learn how to forgot jokes...

> but for the mail I've written before, about Palestine and
> Guido W. I'm serious. He's a sucker and I'm ashamed. The German folk
> does not want our Government to act like this.

This is so common that governments does not act like their people would
like, when they are elected.

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