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Re: Kobo desktop (3 attempts)

On Qui, 29 Nov 2012, Beco wrote:
On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 12:36 PM, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI
I have a Kobo Touch, and I only used it once, to "register" the device.
After that, it is completely unnecessary. So perhaps you don't need to worry
so much about it.

Hi Eduardo,

Thats nice. But how do you transfer files (PDF and ebooks) you already
have from your computer to Kobo?

Just like a "pendrive"?

Yes, you plug it and it appears as a storage device that can be easily mounted.

I also had to run Adobe Digital Editions once under Windows to associate the device with my Adobe account. While ADE runs under Wine, it did not recognize the device. Once the device was associated, though, Windows is not necessary anymore. I just download the DRM protected file in ADE under Wine, then manually copy the .epub file from ADE's diretory to the Kobo. Not the easises process, but you'll only need this if you buy DRM protected books from other sources. Books bought from the Kobo store are downloaded automatically.
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