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Kobo desktop (3 attempts)

Hi guys,

As I decided to buy a Kobo, now I'm having some trouble with its software.

I see 3 solutions: wine, virtualbox and a native app.

I'll break this thread in three, so we can organize better. But also,
if have some tip regarding all of them, this is thread is for you.

Kelly Clowers,
Thanks for the tips. I also find it surprising people recommend
tablets for reading books. Not only battery, but the bright screen.
Also, what some may find usefull, like a convergent device that does
all the stuff (games, phone call, office), for me it is actually a
diversion from the main intent. Reading a good book needs peace and no
distractions! :)


PS. Using Debian Wheezy.

Dr Beco
A.I. researcher

"My psychiatrist told me I was crazy. I told him I wanted a second
opinion. He told me that I was also ugly."

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