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Kobo and Blackberry desktop (virtualbox)

(3) Virtualbox

This is an attempt to run Kobo and Blackberry inside a virtual machine.
The problem described here is for the Blackberry device, as I don't
have the Kobo yet. I'm using it on the thread name to save this thread
to next week,
when I'll get my hands on Kobo and then I will be able to state here
if it works or not, for the record.

I installed Kobo Desktop as a software on my (coercively pre-paid)
windows 7 as guest system.
It installed perfectly.

So it did Blackberry Desktop software. Both see internet, and works just fine.

As I still don't have the device with me, I can't say it will work
when I pulled Kobo on USB.

To test USB connected devices, I tried to see if Blackberry Desktop
could see my mobile (a BB curve 8900).

I configured the "Enable USB Controller" and also the "Enable USB 2.0
(EHCI) Controller" check box. I installed the Oracle Extension Package
to make this work.

But putting the mobile on the USB doesn't trigger anything, no USB
filter is created. I tried to create a filter of my own, using this

Name: Blackberry
Vendor ID: 0fca
Product ID: 8004
Revision: 0000
Manufacturer: Research In Motion
Product: RIM Composite Device
Serial No: D5257567011D1C20F41AAB863141F7B3971E97DF
Port: I don't know what to put here!?
Remote: I don't know what to choose here: any/yes/no?

The filter was created, with some tests on the last two iten, but I
could not see Virtualbox telling me there was a USB connected.

The menu USB shows a disabled (gray font) text saying: <No USB devices

Thanks any help!

Dr Beco
A.I. researcher

"My psychiatrist told me I was crazy. I told him I wanted a second
opinion. He told me that I was also ugly."

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