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Re: How to prevent daemons from starting at boot after update?

On 27.11.2012 20:52, Adrian Fita wrote:

> I just did a cups package update (yes, I'm running Debian unstable) and
> noticed that the cups daemon was started after the upgrade. And indeed,
> looking in /var/lib/dpkg/info/cups.postinst, the daemon is started with
> "invoke-rc.d cups start" after every installation. This means that even
> tho' I have disabled cups from starting at boot with "update-rc.d cups
> disable", it will get started after an update/package reinstallation,

Not correct. A sysv init script which has been disabled via
"update-rc.d <service> disable" won't be started by
"invoke-rc.d <service> start"

Not saying that there might actually be a bug in cups' postinst script,
but invoke-rc.d itself respects the enable/disable state.

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