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How to prevent daemons from starting at boot after update?

So the thing is this: I have some daemons that I keep them installed,
but I don't start them at boot; I like to conserve my memory resources
and only start the daemons when I really need them. I have disabled them
with "update-rc.d -f remove", but every time I update their package,
they are added back to starting at boot (and are even started
immediately after the updated package is installed, grr!); then I have
to remember to run "update-rc.d -f remove", double grr!

When I say I want it stopped, I mean I really want it stopped and kept
that way!

Here are some of the culprits:
- cups - I like to have it around for when I need to print on the twice
per year occasions, so I keep it installed but I don't keep it running;
- atop - I like the atop command for discovering what eats my disk IO,
but I really don't need to keep the atopd daemon running; I don't care
to have historical data about my system's performance.

>From what I could find about this in the limited results given by
Google, there is no real solution for Debian. Some people recommend
setting up policy-rc.d, but excepting the fact that it's a real PITA to
set up, it doesn't help at boot, it only takes effect when the package
is updated to prevent it from being restarted. Some people recommend
using the DISABLE|ENABLE variables from /etc/default/*, but this is
still not a solution, because there aren't many packages that have these
in /etc/default and besides, it doesn't help performance to have all
those initscripts checking the files in /etc/default.

So whatdo? Thanks.
Adrian Fita

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