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Re: mariaDB in Debian

On Ma, 27 nov 12, 10:34:14, Tony Baldwin wrote:
> > 
> > There currently are two merged Intent to Package (ITP) bugs #565308 and 
> > #688505, but it doesn't look like there's much progress.
> > 
> The MariaDB project already has debian packages.

Maybe, but that doesn't meant they are Debian quality ;)

> I wonder what these bugs are all about (I'll go look).

They are meant to prevent double work. See here for more informations.

> I'm using mariadb on all my servers (all running Squeeze).
> I Love it.
> It's behind my statusnet, friendica, wordpress, gallery, scuttle,
> knoxious pastebin, and other stuff, and all working great.
> I hope they get it packaged and on onboard for Wheezy-Stable.

Too late already (wheezy is frozen), but backports will be possible.

Kind regards,
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