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Re: How to prevent daemons from starting at boot after update?

On 09/11/12 00:32, Tom H wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 5:18 PM, Adrian Fita <adrian.fita@gmail.com> wrote:
>> So the thing is this: I have some daemons that I keep them installed,
>> but I don't start them at boot; I like to conserve my memory resources
>> and only start the daemons when I really need them. I have disabled them
>> with "update-rc.d -f remove", but every time I update their package,
>> they are added back to starting at boot (and are even started
>> immediately after the updated package is installed, grr!); then I have
>> to remember to run "update-rc.d -f remove", double grr!
> update-rc.d <daemon> disable

Wow. Could it be this simple?! It certainly looks like it, as the man
for update-rc.d says:

A  common system administration error is to delete the links with the
thought that this will "disable" the service, i.e., that this will
prevent the service from being started.  However, if all links have been
deleted then the next time the package is upgraded, the package's
postinst script will run  update-rc.d again  and  this will reinstall
links at their factory default locations.  The correct way to disable
services is to configure the service as stopped in all runlevels in
which it is started by default.  In the System V init system this means
renaming the service's symbolic links from S to K.

I'll keep an eye on the next package update. I don't know how I missed
this. Thanks!
Adrian Fita

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