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Re: how many users is enough? (was Re: Debian Installer 7.0 Beta4 release)

On Tue, 2012-11-27 at 12:13 -0300, Beco wrote:
> Ubuntu has probably the same "complexity" for a developer, but as they
> are more friendly to novices, they have more contributors.

Ubuntu is tricky for newbies, it does fake to be similar to an iPad or
Windows. And there's bizarre cooperation, such as a browser link in the
applications menu to Amazon.

For a developer Ubuntu is quasi equal to Debian, excepted of other
software versions and upstart, but for the novice it could become very

An advantage are releases such as Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio.

I don't like claims as "IMO distro A is better than distro B,
because ...", for me it's "Distro X at the moment is more pleasant for
my needs, than distro Y, because ...",  if I would like to become
dogmatic, I would join a religion.

Regarding to developers, it also is important what kind of developer.
Some need to keep track with current upstream, or they are the people
from upstream, others are independent from this.

"Y is more stable, than Z ..." for what usage, under what circumstances?

And we've got at least two kind of users. For some users the computer is
a hobby and they like flashy changes, tons of features. A good example
is GIMP, since for others, e.g. design is the profession. If the
workflow gets broken, this is a serious issue. E.g. a flashy transparent
window does cover the picture, if you add a text, options are in
different places, values have to be changed in a different ways etc..

What is good for user 1 isn't good for user 2 and the reason that
professionals prefer Microsoft and Apple has good reasons. In Germany
many cities switched from Windows to Linux for office work, they all
switched back to Windows. If there's no backwards compatibility for the
data it's not for professional usage. If the workflow does change to
often and in a too absurd way, it's not professional. If vendors of
hardware are willing to share information, but there's not the manpower
by the Linux community to write the drivers, it's not for professional

Half of the list now will reply, yes, but Linux is better than Windows,
because ...

I'm not from Microsoft, I'm a Linux only user, it's not the point what's
better and what's less good. Usage and ethics are important. Choose your
OS carefully and if you chose Linux, take care what's best for you as a
tool. If you want to be cool, get some cool sun glasses and a funky
tattoo, for dogmatism there are many nice religions. A computer is a
tool and/or a toy. You'll use a different knife on the high mountain
tour, than for the Christmas dinner in the restaurant.

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