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Re: Debian Installer 7.0 Beta4 release

* Beco <rcb@beco.cc> [121126 21:36]:
> In any case, I didn't mean:
> >> "I must have the very latest, and I must have it now"

Forgive me for painting with too broad a brush.  I did not mean to
target you specifically, or even to include you in the group to which
I referred.

> It's not helpful how often we get that: "Move to another distro".

I disagree somewhat.  A single OS cannot fit the desires of every
user.  I do not wish the desires of the many to result in a
transmogrification which no longer serves the needs of present Debian
users.  There is a place for novelty and the Ubuntu way of doing
things, but that place is not Debian.

> Let's welcome more (I assume we do want more users on our base, don't
> we?

There needs to be a "critical mass"; but beyond that point, an
increase in numbers is not necessarily beneficial.

> If the answer to my question of "estimate" is May, so be it. Its an
> estimate, isn't it? Would it hurt Debian if we postpone Wheezy to
> April or May? I don't think so. But to September 2014, I think we
> might have a problem within the cycle.

If something is broken or something (such as network manager) is too
complex to be generally usable, then a speedy fix is needed.  And
sometimes a fix entails extensive redesign; in that case, delay is

In this matter, I perhaps am a bit sensitive, because of my experience
with WordPress.  I began blogging with WordPress 1.0.  But before
long, the defining characteristic of WordPress became "a new release
every time the wind changes".  And each new release demanded that
numerous customizations be re-done.  At that point, WordPress had been
transformed from a productive tool into something of a religion which
demanded entirely too much time and effort of the end user.  I wished
to spend my time in the writing of blogs, not in a never-ending cycle
of re-installation and customization of WordPress.  So at that point I
went in search of another blogging engine.  I do not wish to see
Debian follow that path.

> I just want to go fast to Wheezy, because Wheezy is a penguin with a
> red bow tie.

>From what I have heard, Wheezy ought to be a penguin with a millstone
tied about its neck.

I look forward to the release of Wheezy in the sense that that the
release frees the development team to work on a new version in which,
hopefully, many of the "look and feel" innovations of Wheezy are
relegated to the dumpster.


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