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Re: OT: Sources.list Question

On Wednesday 21 November 2012 12:09:54 Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> The main problem still is, that humans on this list count to much on all
> kinds of automatic selection. An id shouldn't be that important as a
> subject is. We had thousands of years of natural evolution and now we
> try to be better than nature and to select by smart inventions, e.g. by
> an id. Living beings should be able to select their self, instead of
> using machines that does sort by e.g. an id. On this list there never is
> a month without issues to "broken threads". Use a MUA and e.g. sort by
> the subject, or anything else that's "human readable".

That is clearly Gmail's thinking, since it does indeed sort on 
subject - "conversation".  I don't like it and much prefer threading by id, 
which I find very readable by this human.  

KMail on my machine is playing up this morning, but by that I mean that I am 
having more trouble than usual getting it to do what I want it to.  If this 
state of affairs continues, I shall obviously have to do something about it; 
so that I can stay in control and not be taken over by the machine.


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