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Re: Guide / Tools

For Debian and Ubuntu I prefer to use
instead of command line. There's only one distro where I like the
command line for managing packages from repositories, but for DEBs and
RPMs IMO GUIs are more comfortable and especially Synaptic is a really
good GUI.

OTOH I prefer a terminal emulation to file browsers for many situations.
The tab-key does autocomplete commands and paths and if you have
forgotten a command it displays commands.

Being able to write simple shell scripts could be helpful.

For what usages do you need your computer?

If you are an "averaged desktop user" who only would "turn off the
graphic" in emergency cases I recommend to install midnight commander,
because mcedit is the easiest to use editor without a GUI. There's still
the need to learn the basics for using vi(m), because this is the most
used editor for some cases, OTOH something like visudo is easier to use
than a "normal" vi(m).

For specialist usages there are special mailing lists, they aren't for a
specific distro, but for specific usages using any Linux distro.


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