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Re: Sources.list Question

This WFM (works for me):
add the extra dist/section
install package
remove the section

You will be left with your package.
Repeat if you need to upgrade just that package, either by install it
again, or by [dist-]upgrade with regular sources.list entries just
prior to upgrading for that package too...

On 11/21/12, Fred White <subscribe@cakafete.com> wrote:
> Hello List,
> I am learning to help myself installing and updates some minor programs
> on my dedicated server and need to ask a couple of questions.
> I need to upgrade Opendkim version 2.0.1 but squeeze repository remains
> with 2.0.1 since I started have to add opendkim to my server and this
> version seem never to be upgraded. However, 2.6.8 is in Debian backports
> repository and since I do not want to update any other areas of my
> server seeing the warning of incompatibilities that might be introduced
> by the packages using the backports could cause my system to become
> unsupportable I want to be carefull.
> Could I just rename my present sources.list and then just create a new
> sources.list with just the one line "deb
> http://ftp.at.debian.org/debian-backports/ squeeze-backports main"
> then #apt-get update
> then #apt-get install opendkim
> Would this be right or should I be using dpkg.
> Please advice any input would be much appreciated
> Thanks
> Fred
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