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Re: GDM3 very slow to load gnome

On Mon, 2012-11-19 at 08:16 -0500, john wrote:
> I run gnome3 with lightdm and openbox. It seems to work fine without
> some of the bugginess of gdm3. I might add however, that this install
> is running on a virtual machine (openbox) - I run it there in the hope
> that it becomes useable (for me that is).

This also should work for any other install. If a special display
manager should be needed, then it would become hard to install different

Btw. I had one install using GDM3, but not GNOME and it worked without
issues. Issues with GDM3 started when there was a switch from init to
something else, regarding to package dependencies etc.. It's not wanted
to talk about it, since "truth" has become the new "fear, uncertainty
and doubt".


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