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Re: GDM3 very slow to load gnome

Use another display manager ;). I still try to fix some GNOME stuff
myself, but I guess it's not worse the effort. The best thing to do IMO
is to be on the look-out for a complete GNOME replacement. Since I'm not
blind, I simply could switch to Xfce, but I e.g. still need Evolution to
access my emails and I already have one Linux install where Evolution is
unusable. I choose Linux because I want versatility. GNOME upstream
started with a dependency to a borked sound server and now the DE
already has a hard dependency to the startup process (again upstream!).
I wonder what the DE has to do with startup? Perhaps there's already an
inconsistency when using GNOME with initd instead of systemd. Dunno!

2 Cents,

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