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Re: IMAP4/POP3 server that supports mbox?

mouss grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
> Le 18/11/2012 03:54, David Guntner a écrit :
>> Sven Hartge grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
>>> The answer is: Dovecot
>>> Documentation for version 1 included in Debian Squeeze is at 
>>> http://wiki.dovecot.org/
>> Thanks!  Missed that one while I was doing aptitude searches. :-)
>> From the description, it sounds like it does what I want, and I
>> don't see it declaring a conflict with Postfix or Procmail, so I'll
>> give that a shot.
> it actually works well with postfix (dovecot provides a simple
> authentication solution for postfix).

What do you mean by that?

> dovecot also has Sieve support. with that, you shouldn't need procmail
> anymore...

Well, that might be the case, but I'm completely unfamiliar with Sieve,
while I can practically write Procmail recipes in my sleep. :-)  So as
long as it doesn't interfere with Procmail, it's cool. <grin>



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