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IMAP4/POP3 server that supports mbox?

Yes, I'm one of those fogies who still prefers the main mailbox for
users to be in /var/spool/mail (which is apparently a link to /var/mail
in Debian :-) ).

I need an IMAP4/POP3 server which supports SSL, and while the IMAP
server can access the userspace of the logged-in user to get to files in
their home directories (such as $HOME/Mail for mail folder storage), I
still use /var/spool/mail as the delivery point for the user's inbox.  I
have a small enough userbase for my system that I don't need to worry
about lag times while doing directory lookups in a single mail
directory. :-)

As previously mentioned, I'm a Mandriva refugee. :-)  I've currently got
Debian installed in a VM on my Windows box for testing and to figure out
all the kinks before I actually do the install on the Linux box and
replace the existing OS.  On the box that's going to take the system
when the time comes, all my mailboxes for myself and my users are still
in mbox format, with the main user inbox being in /var/spool/mail/{user}
and their/my own personal mail "folders" being in $HOME/Mail/ as
separate files there.  And as for myself, I've got a LOT of those
folders in that format.  I don't know Maildir format & don't know if
there's something that lets you convert existing mail from mbox to
Maildir.  I use Postfix with Procmail as the LDA, and that can be
configured to deliver to mbox format.  (At least, I was able to do that
when I set up the Mandriva system; I'm assuming that's still so with
Debian.  It installed Exim by default when I set it up and I haven't
swapped out yet, but *it* is delivering mbox format to /var/spool/mail
when cron sends me mail.)

I've been searching the repositories for IMAP servers, but it seems like
the two big ones (Courier & Cyrus) are both locked into a Maildir
format.  Is there an IMAP4/POP3 server package available that will
support SSL logins ('cause in this day and age, using unencrypted logins
is just paining a bullseye on your system for someone with a sniffer to
hack) and will access my mail system the way I want it to?  Is there a
way to configure Courier or Cyrus to use mbox and /var/spool/mail?  If
not, are any of the other packages I saw listed capable of doing what I
want to do?


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