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Re: IMAP4/POP3 server that supports mbox?

David Guntner <davidg@akamail.net> wrote:

> Yes, I'm one of those fogies who still prefers the main mailbox for
> users to be in /var/spool/mail (which is apparently a link to /var/mail
> in Debian :-) ).

> I need an IMAP4/POP3 server which supports SSL, and while the IMAP
> server can access the userspace of the logged-in user to get to files in
> their home directories (such as $HOME/Mail for mail folder storage), I
> still use /var/spool/mail as the delivery point for the user's inbox.

The answer is: Dovecot

Documentation for version 1 included in Debian Squeeze is at


Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.

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