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Re: partitions - primary vs logical and bootability

On Sat, 10 Nov 2012 23:40:01 +0100
Charles Blair <c-blair@illinois.edu> wrote:

> The installer shows me 3 primary ntfs partitions,
> presumably for windows7.

What installer is that?

Well, I'm assuming this is the Debian Installer 7.0 Beta2 you're using. First off
it sounds like you have no 'free space' on this HD. You need that to achieve a duel
boot environment. Forget about doing this with the win7 installer. Use instead
Gparted on a 'rescue' disk like 'Rescatux' or other 'live' CD's that have Gparted
installed, and make yourself some space with a nice EXT4 filesystem.  Gparted is a
great program.

Why are there 3 primary NTFS partitions..questions questions...I mean there can be
but why? Most of the windows installs I've seen just have the 'C' drive. and the
usual D E etc 'drives' for CD's and the like, but they're not primary drives.

Anyway, after you've wrested some free space away from the NTFS covered HD with
Gparted, boot up with the aforementioned installer that will install the 'wheezy'
version then install the Grub2 boot manager that will susout the other OSes on the
disk and with the reboot you should get a menu and see all the bootable
possibilities at that point, including a line for the windows7 installer.

I noticed the mention of LILO in some of these related posts and I would just
advise you to consider LILO to be out of it and stick with Grub2.

Welcome to Debian, that's Debian Invictus to you, it certainly is to me.

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