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Re: [Fwd: Re: How to set display resolution manually?]

I can see some ways to go for your still existing problem:
_ do you ask to your soft to start in fullscreen? Fluxbox seems to be a
stacking window manager, unlike ratpoison and i3, so it may be normal

_ Did you remove the Xorg.conf file? If you do not need it anymore but
still have it, it may interfere.
I do not know, I really have never used it thanks to xrandr.

_ Another thing which could prevent the main screen to work as you wish is
the secondary one. You have to:
* configure each screen to it's own resolution ( "xrandr --output OOOO
--mode HHHHxVVVV")
* say that they differ ("xrandr --output OOOO [--right-of | --left-of |
--top-of | bottom-of | ...] PPPP" where PPPP is the second screen). If you
do not want to use one of them, the easier is to just disable it ("xrandr
--output OOOO --off")

I think know I remember one line in i3's description which probably have
played a lot in my decision: "Implement multi-monitor correctly" (yes,
that's a troll :P )

Do not worry for the guessing thing, it will come. I am still also a
newbie you know?
I can not speak about hardware issues, by example, and I can not make a
damn self-compiled kernel booting :D (but still playing with it, because
it is fun to try, and even if I do something wrong, repairing Debian is
doable without full re-installation, against my previous non-POSIX
operating system).
The only thing on which I am starting to become efficient are softwares
written with minimalism in mind, like i3, or when scripts are not too hard
to read (I can modify bash's configuration, unlike sysvinit's one by
In my opinion, a good configuration system is one which is modifiable with
only basic english knowledge (some nice softs here are i3, vsftpd, ssh or
Unfortunately, things like sysvinit or Xorg are not at all in this
category, this is why I am curious about systemd and wayland. I would have
enough time to look at them myself...

Le Jeu 8 novembre 2012 1:37, houkensjtu a écrit :
> A quick result: I tried out change my wm from ratpoison to fluxbox. And
> it almost worked out. When I started up fluxbox, the tab bar is on the
> bottom of my screen now, left no black region. Still, when I started up
> application like konsole or chromium, it appears in 1366x768 resolution,
> but since now I am using fluxbox, I can drag the window to become full
> size... So your guess was accurate...I always hope myself could have such
> great ability...(Maybe just because i am just newbie:))
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