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Re: Can grub2 1.99-23 support /boot inside LVM ?

On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 12:25 AM, J. B <bakshi12@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have converted my system to full_disk_encrypted box without /boot aprtition and it is running
> well along with tuxonice. debain now have grub2 version 1.99-23 ; mine is testing branch wheezy.
> Can I go for completely encrypted disk now, i.e. /boot inside the LVM ? Has any one checked ?
> Please share your findings.

Here is what I did using LVM partition. I'm not running "wheezy", but
perhaps some of this information may help you.

I downloaded and installed the debian netinst version of 'squeeze'
about three weeks ago. I am not sure what version of GRUB I am running
but I used whatever version of GRUB was included in the install. I am
running a dual boot system using two hard drives (one for windows and
one for debian squeeze). I have the debian hard drive partitioned
using LVM and utilizing  a separate partition for /boot.  I did not
choose to use encryption for LVM

The only issue I had was that after completing the install and
rebooting, GRUB did not detect my windows OS. It was recommended that
I simply log in as root (in terminal) and type "update-grub". After
the update completed I exited terminal and rebooted. Fixed! GRUB now
offers windows as a boot option as well as debian. All is running OK.

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