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Re: [SOLVED] Re: Apache Redirect Question

>> [snip]
>> Common sense dictates that I rename my /var/www directories to
>> /var/www/htdocs/www.domainX.com, and sites-available/domain2.com to
>> sites-available/www.domain2.com so I can maintain the name to site mapping
>> in my mind.
> I personally prefer things like sites-avaiable/www.domain2.com.conf
> (with a .conf or whatever suffix) for two reasons:
> - a file name ending in a .com is a bit disturbing ('ls' will show it as
> a special fil...; you can't send it via email without renaming it, ...
> etc.).
> - I don't like the "include *". if you happen to add a file in the
> directory (or if you editor creates backup files in the current dir),
> then these end up being included.

Excellent advice! Like I said, I'm teaching myself this, and I'll take all
of the pointers I can get. This is for personal use, but I do have to
dabble with the web servers at work on occasion so anything I happen to
pick up can only help.

Thanks again, and back to work now.

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