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Re: compiling a Debian package

Jochen Spieker <ml@well-adjusted.de> writes:

> lee:
>> Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> writes:
>>> Firstly, you could have specified that instead of broad statements like 
>>> "32 bit support has been removed from Debian". Debian is much more than 
>>> the amd64 architecture.
>> That is what 32bit support is about.
> No. First and foremost, 32 Bit support is about supporting 32 Bit
> hardware.

Do you still buy 32bit CPUs?

>>> Secondly, so far you have not provided any evidence to this.
>> Just try it and you'll see.
> Works for me. But then I don't use nVidia drivers.

Without them, I can't run the application.  What actually causes the
problem is still unknown.

>> nobody knows.  I've sent a bug report and it has been ignored.  People
>> suggested that we're now forced to switch to brokenarch and to use
>> packages from unstable, which I tried a couple times, and it made things
>> worse and didn't work and creates dependency problems.
> What do you expect when using testing/unstable? Their sole purpose is to
> find and fix bugs. If you use it, expect to find bugs.

Testing has been sufficiently stable to use it for the last 12 years.
And what choice do you have?  NVIDIA drivers in stable are so ancient
you can't really use them anymore, and even in testing, some packages
are too old to still use them.

> Really, I can understand if people are a little upset that the
> transition (in testing/unstable) to multiarch breaks a few things. And I
> am not happy myself that it looks like wheezy will not include a smooth
> transition. But that does not mean multiarch is generally broken and
> that Debian should keep distributing monstrosities like ia32-libs.

I'm not only a little upset but majorly pissed.  Breaking things like
that is what experimental and maybe unstable are for, testing is not.
That they decide to force users to brokenarch just before a new release
is supposed to come out which will leave users who need 32bit support
screwed because it won't be fixed for that release is a very bad idea.

There hasn't been anything wrong with ia32-libs.  When they want to
enforce sucking brokenarch, they should have either waited until after
the next release or get it ready before the next release and give users
detailed instructions so that they can switch without problems.

>> And it's certainly no fun that Debian becomes more and more like
>> windoze in being unreliable, in telling you what software and drivers
>> you can or should use and some other things.
> Debian as a whole never cared very much for non-free software. This
> should not surprise you.

That is a different issue.  The attitude of developers has changed from
"we want to make things work" to "we don't care and everything we don't
like is deprecated and if you don't do as we say and/or want things to
work, you're screwed".  It makes Linux deprecated.

>> Maybe I need to switch to windoze […]
> Sure, if that helps.

I doubt that it will work --- if it would, it would be an advantage.  I
need a trial version.

Debian testing iad96 brokenarch

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