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Re: compiling a Debian package

Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> writes:

> You seem to be very unhappy with Debian.  Why _are_ you still using
> it?

It's because I haven't found an alternative yet, and it's very time
consuming to switch.

> You could save your data and install something else.

Yes, but what?

> And granted that you would have to set it up from scratch,

Not if I switch to another Linux distribution --- and I'm not so sure if
that's a good idea.

> at least you wouldn't have to cope with something you find as
> irritating as you do Debian and the way you see it as going.

It might not only be Debian.  Perhaps it's just stupid not to use
windoze.  I might try gentoo, but it's probably not much different.

Debian testing iad96 brokenarch

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