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Re: compiling a Debian package

On Mi, 31 oct 12, 04:13:59, lee wrote:
> Just try it and you'll see.  Or you figure out how to do it and let me
> know.  Like I said, it worked, then there was an update and it doesn't
> work anymore, probably because they modified the NVIDIA drivers, though
> nobody knows.  I've sent a bug report and it has been ignored.

And the bug number is? (Yes, I already did look for it)

> People
> suggested that we're now forced to switch to brokenarch and to use
> packages from unstable, which I tried a couple times, and it made things
> worse and didn't work and creates dependency problems.

There's a famous quote from our current president from the time when he 
was still the mayor of our capital[1], which I'll paraphrase to you:

    testing is not stable ;)

[1] "Iarna nu-i ca vara", which translates to: "Winter is not like 

Kind regards,
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