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Re: compiling a Debian package

> Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> writes:
>> Firstly, you could have specified that instead of broad statements like 
>> "32 bit support has been removed from Debian". Debian is much more than 
>> the amd64 architecture.
> That is what 32bit support is about.

No. First and foremost, 32 Bit support is about supporting 32 Bit

>> Secondly, so far you have not provided any evidence to this.
> Just try it and you'll see.

Works for me. But then I don't use nVidia drivers.

> nobody knows.  I've sent a bug report and it has been ignored.  People
> suggested that we're now forced to switch to brokenarch and to use
> packages from unstable, which I tried a couple times, and it made things
> worse and didn't work and creates dependency problems.

What do you expect when using testing/unstable? Their sole purpose is to
find and fix bugs. If you use it, expect to find bugs.

Really, I can understand if people are a little upset that the
transition (in testing/unstable) to multiarch breaks a few things. And I
am not happy myself that it looks like wheezy will not include a smooth
transition. But that does not mean multiarch is generally broken and
that Debian should keep distributing monstrosities like ia32-libs.

> And it's certainly no fun that Debian becomes more and more like
> windoze in being unreliable, in telling you what software and drivers
> you can or should use and some other things.

Debian as a whole never cared very much for non-free software. This
should not surprise you.

> Maybe I need to switch to windoze […]

Sure, if that helps.

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