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Re: [OT] Intelectual Property Law

On Tue, 2012-08-07 at 18:03 -0500, John Hasler wrote:
> Celejar writes:
> > You are perfectly free to create your own work and compete with me for
> > the same audiences and dollars; the only thing you can't do is copy
> > _my_ work.
> Thus you have a monopoly on the reproduction of copies of your work.

@ Celejar: Thus the human race is in competition, every single human
with each other?! Instead of sharing knowledge, we prefer to show who
has got the biggest dick?! Wow, I star believing we are from god and
that we aren't apes, since apes aren't that idiotic. Any women here with
a dick? No? Let's go to church and ignore ethics, truth, everything
good. Evil is the new good!


Apologize, but I can't stand that old worldview. I only know people who
steal ideas of other people and than claim bullshit like "You are
perfectly free to create your own work and compete with me".

People who have good own ideas, again and again, don't fear to share
their ideas for free. Usually thieves fear to share their stolen ideas.

I don't claim that you, Celejar, are one of them! Don't get me wrong!

I just claim that your model died wit the dinos, a long, long time
before we were born.


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