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Re: [OT] Intelectual Property Law

On Jo, 02 aug 12, 09:41:59, Celejar wrote:
> Well, we'll have to agree to disagree here, as we're just disagreeing
> over irreducible first principles. I, and the law, think that it is
> reasonable and fair that the creator of certain types of intellectual /
> cultural artifacts should be entitled to some sort of restrictions on
> who can utilize and implement those ideas; you disagree.

The creator? Sure! But the creators are rarely -- and mostly only in a 
small proportion -- the beneficiaries of selling copies of their 
creation. Also, as far as I know several works that are now considered 
to be very important/inovative/etc. actually had a hard time getting 
published. How many others did not make it?

The internet levels the playing field and basically allows anyone to 
publish their works with minimal resources. Eventually the content 
consumers may realise that the value of a creation is rarely directly 
proportional to the resources invested in creating, replicating and 
distributing it.

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