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Re: Something about netiquette Re: systemd

On Mon, 2012-08-06 at 13:15 -0400, Tom H wrote:
> Somehow, I find your claim that neither OpenSUSE nor Ubuntu will start
> being installed "on most machines" difficult to believe...
> My personal experience is that Ubuntu boots and performs well,
> including PA, on the three laptops (mine and my parents') on which
> I've installed it.

Personally I never had an issue with installing Suse and Ubuntu, but I
had an issue with one version of Ubuntu Studio, so I installed Ubuntu
and then the meta packages for the studio version. BUT I also
experienced issues with Debian, Ubuntu and several Non-German distros,
when setting up xorg.conf perfectly, since there are no calculators in
the web available, that know the German vendor names and types for
identically constructed monitors, that have other names in other
countries. Suse ships with IIRC it's called SaX and this app did know my
monitors, so I had to install Suse to get my 64 Studio (Debian and
Ubuntu based versions) and my Debians and Ubuntus able to use my
monitors in the way I needed them.

I belief my experiences more than a statistic, however:

"Operating Systems
1 	Windows 7 	44.12%
2 	Windows XP 	27.06%
3 	Apple OS X 	8.66%
4 	iOS 	7.09%
5 	Windows Vista 	6.95%
6 	Android 	2.49%
7 	Linux 	1.75%
8 	BlackBerry 	0.64%
9 	Windows 8 	0.19%
10 	SymbianOS 	0.19%" - http://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php

The cause for this are not technical issues only, but also a lot of
hype. BUT technical issues are one major issue.

For example I don't experienced this:

"Web Browsers
1 	Chrome 20 	24.37%
2 	Internet Explorer 9 	12.16%
3 	Internet Explorer 8 	10.75%
4 	Safari 5.1 	9.31%
5 	Firefox 13 	9.07%
6 	Firefox 14 	6.55%
7 	Internet Explorer 7 	4.71%
8 	Android 4 	2.16%
9 	Safari 5 	1.97%
10 	Firefox 12 	1.92%"

Most "averaged" people here use Firefox on Windows and not IE. Reading
Linux mailing lists I belief that Chrom(ium) today might be as wide
spread used as Firefox is.

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